Access W-2 Management Account At 88 Sears ?>

Access W-2 Management Account At 88 Sears

Sears is providing its employee to manage their wages by accessing W-2 management account service. You can get complete information about the W-2 management by calling at sears customer service number 1-888-887-3277 and can select option 5 to get all instructions about this service. If you want to access this account then you can follow this method mentioned below:

Login To W-2 Account:

  • If you want login or enroll into W-2 management account then you can access this link
  • On accessing this page see the heading “Tax Form Management Login” and see the empty text box.
  • Enter your Employee Name or Code.
  • After that enter the button “Go”
  • On the next page choose the employer and click on the button “Continue”.
  • After that you will be navigated to the next page where you will see a pop-up page.
  • Where you have to enter your SSN to login into your account.
  • Press the button “Continue”
  • If you forget your UserID and PIN then click on the relevant link.
  • Enter your last name in the text box.
  • Enter your Full SSN number and click on the button Continue
  • Next choose your new userID and PIN for your account.

What is W-2?

If you want to know that what is W-2 forms then here are details.

  • It is complete report and record of your all wages of last year.
  • It keeps records for your all wages that you have not earned and not received.
  • You can find complete paycheck details with all dates mentioned.

Why There is Three Totals In Your W-2?

  • Box1: These are federal withholding taxable wages
  • Box2: These are your social security wages that every years changes.
  • Box5: These your medical tax essential portion of your wages.

What If You Last Paycheck Doesn’t Match With Your Last Pay?

Sometimes your last month paycheck does not tally with your w-2 paycheck, so there is some reason behind it.

  • May be certain earning affect your wages
  • May be certain deduction affect your wages

Some Earning Impacts On Your Wages:

There are some non-taxable earning that may you have received can impact your wages.

  • It can be cash expenses that appear as CshExpNT on your paystubs.
  • If you have earn bonus or any reward by the company then it appears “Relo Taxe In your tax portion of paycheck

How Can You Get Your W-2 Original Form?

  • If you want to get your w-2 original form then you can access this link
  • After that login to your account and access your dashboard.
  • On the page see the link “Get Your 20XX Tax form online”
  • Click on this link and next you will see form opened in next tab
  • You will find an option “Print Your Tax Form”
  • Download form on your computer
  • Attach printer with your computer and take print copy of this form.

How To Reprint Your W-2 Form?

By logging into your account you can see the link reprint w-2 form to check the corrections.

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